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May 6, 2020

In this episode, Vatican correspondent Gerard O'Connell gives an on-the-ground update from “phase two” of Italy’s coronavirus lockdown. Gerry and producer Colleen Dulle also discuss the interreligious day of prayer between Muslims and Christians for an end to coronavirus, along with Pope Francis’ call for nations and corporations to share any eventual Covid-19 vaccine. That call was the latest in a string of requests from the Vatican for greater multilateralism, which former Italian prime minister Enrico Letta recently discussed in an interview with Gerry.

Next up, a newly-published interview with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI grabbed headlines this weekend that focused on the former pope’s comments linking abortion and gay marriage to the “Antichrist.” That interview was part of a new 1,000-page biography of the pope emeritus by Peter Seewald, released in German on Monday and slated to be published in English in November.

Colleen and Gerry take a look at the interview beyond the media spin: The two discuss Pope Benedict XVI’s historical connections to some of the topics he addressed, and Gerry highlights what’s new in the excerpts he has seen thus far, including the emeritus pope’s revelation that he has written a “testament” to be published after his death.


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