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Feb 13, 2019

This week on Inside the Vatican, we’ll fill you in on Cardinal Muller’s recent manifesto, along with updates on the McCarrick case, preparations for next week’s summit on sexual abuse, and information on a bombshell book that threatens to overshadow that summit.

“In the Closet of the Vatican” is a salacious new 571-page book that’s expected to be released on the first day of the Vatican’s summit on sexual abuse and the protection of minors. It’s by a French journalist, Frederic Martel, who claims that he’s interviewed hundreds of sources in and around the Vatican to reveal which Vatican officials are gay and have active sex lives, and are doing scandalous things like hiring male prostitutes.

The release of the book on the first day of the sexual abuse summit threatens to conflate the issue of gay priests with that of the abuse of children. So this week, we’ll look at the ethics of writing a book like this, as well as the intentions behind it.

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