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Dec 11, 2019

In this episode of “Inside the Vatican,” Gerry and I discuss the sudden cancellation of Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s beatification. We talk about why the beatification was postponed indefinitely, and Gerry explains what happened the last time a beatification was unexpectedly postponed.

Pope Francis selected...

Dec 4, 2019

This week on “Inside the Vatican,” Gerry and I recap the pope’s visit to Thailand and Japan, which Gerry believes is “one for the history books.”


First up, in Thailand, the “land of smiles,” Pope Francis received a warm welcome. Gerry and I talk about the pope’s visits with his cousin and the leader of...

Dec 1, 2019

This week the team at Inside the Vatican are sharing a new podcast from America Media.

In “Plague,” America’s Michael O'Loughlin investigates stories of AIDS and the Catholic Church. The release of the first episode coincides with World AIDS Day.

In this first episode, Mike tells the story of David Pais, whose...